Report on the Assessment for Learning and Development Project 2012: Transforming practice in the early years June 1013

I encourage you to take a moment to read this interesting and relevant Early Years Learning Report.
Click on the image below to locate the attached report.

It is part of the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. It focuses on the
assessment practices in early years.Healesville Speech Pathology is interested in frameworks
supporting its practice principles. Six key themes have been identified that connect to outcomes
for children and define practitioner changes in assessment for learning and development practice.

These include:
  • focusing on children’s strengths and capabilities
  • broadening perspectives about infants,toddler’s and young children’s learning and development
  • tracking children’s progress in learning and development
  • initiating conversations about children’s learning and development with children and families
  • strengthening collaborative partnerships and approaches to assessment for learning and development with families children and other early childhood professionals
  • leading and supporting colleagues

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