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The Federal Government’s Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations has funded the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
$1 million over 12 months to implement a Let’s Read National Early Literacy Campaign. Building on existing evidence-based programs and leveraging off the designation of 2012 as the National Year of Reading, this campaign aims to develop and generate national, integrated early years literacy promotion and support.


The Let’s Read Campaign engages families, professionals and communities to promote reading with children from birth. Sharing books from birth helps children develop the skills they will need when it’s time to start school. Let’s Read anywhere, anytime is the national campaign call to action for families, carers and early childhood education professionals to share rhymes, songs and stories and books every day. The campaign uses a multi-tiered approach to engage families, professionals and communities in a range of messages relevant to children’s early literacy development from birth to five years. 


Let’s Read was developed by the Royal Children’s Hospitals Centre for Community Child Health, Melbourne. The Murdoch Children's Research Institute and The Smith Family partnered to implement Let’s Read with communities across Australia.
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The aim of the project is to engage families in conversations about early literacy. The resources are translated in a number of languages. There are Indigenous specific resources:

To download your own free reading pack from the Let’s Read Website click here

There are information sheets available, for example:


Reading Tips and Tools


Book reading suggestions


Let’s Read campaign key messages are:

  • Share rhymes, songs and stories every day

  • Words are everywhere

  • Read, learn and play with books

  • Story time is a special time

  • Bond with books

  • Build a love of books

  • Sharing books from birth helps children become better readers for life

  • Sharing stories from birth gives children a great start to life

  • Happy Reading!

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