Welcome to our first ever blog

It is a wonderful opportunity to write my first ever blog!

Many thanks to my talented son Adrian Harrold who has inspired me to take the plunge and create the website: www.healesvillespeechpathology.com Thanks also to Jeremy Blaze Design, who designed the user friendly website interface. Jeremy displays tremendous talent and pride in his workmanship.

I warmly welcome all of you and hope that navigation of the information links is easy and rewarding. I have showcased all the best and most helpful information I could gather.

Thanks to all the children and their families who inspire me in my work as a Speech-Language Pathologist. The schools and preschools that have welcomed me into their communities including: Mt Evelyn Special Developmental School, Primary schools: Mooroolbark East, Gladysdale,Yering, Silvan, Healesville, Chum Creek , St. Brigid’s Healesville, Little Yarra Steiner School, Yarra Junction, Hoddles Creek, Haig Avenue Preschool, Launching Place Preschool.

I would also like to acknowledge the support I have received from my Speech Pathology colleagues:Andrea Houlihan [Medicare Local Rural and Regional Program for Preps Healesville], Patricia Cieslar [EACH Early Intervention Program Healesville], Megan Murphy [Eastern Health Yarra Valley Community Health Program], Tamara Dowling [Tamara Dowling and Associates, DIR Floor-time Specialist], Victoria Denahy [Gameplan Education], Tanya McGuire [Irabina Childhood Autism Services], Vidette Turner [Interact Speech Pathology Services Albury] and Julie Kiroluch [Work on Words Speech and Language Centre Bendigo], Tiffany McErlain [Formerly of Eastern Health], Amanda Webb [Mt.Evelyn SDS], Mary de Graaf, Christina Dowling and Beth Petersen [Student Services Eastern Network], David Fitzsimons [Cleft Palate Team Westmead Hospital]

I am grateful for the acknowledgement I have received since moving from Albury/ Wodonga and commencing work in the Yarra Valley in 2010. Special thanks also to Occupational Therapists: Sarah Watterson [EACH and Eastern Health], Brett Waddell [Early Steps], Emma Brady [EACH Healesville], Jenny Parkes [EACH Ringwood], Brianna Chivers [Eastern Health] .and Susan McDonald Maternal and Child Health Nurse [Healesville and district], Claire Allen [administrative and clinical assistant] Jennifer Knol [Physiotherapist] ,Megan Turner Psychologist and Michelle Toy, [Healesville Back Clinic Chiropractor]. The Early Intervention Teachers and support staff at Mount Evelyn SDS including Libby Anderson, Fiona Wicks, Helen Jeffs and Cindy Horsley. Thank you to Helen Johnston Principal of Mt Evelyn SDS for the opportunity to work directly with staff and students in the new Early Years Centre.

Most sincerely, I would like to acknowledge the dedication of Bronwyn Forster of EACH Early Intervention Program who through her tremendous leadership in child and family centred care, strengthens all those with whom she is in contact. Also I want to congratulate Andrew Fildes on his ongoing commitment to his Foundation for Childhood Language Learning Difficulties SHINE: www.shine.org.au. I have been proud and grateful to be involved with SHINE, in particular the opportunity to supervise Post-Graduate Students.

When I started my first job 27 years ago at Student Services Wodonga, I had access to a telephone, a roneo machine (for you young ones look it up on google), and had to walk across a road and one block and stand in a cue to use a photo copier. Needless to say I burnt out quickly with my endless waiting list and lack of resources. 1986 was also the time when students with special needs were first being integrated into mainstream schools. Whilst at Wodonga Hospital, the mothers of the children I saw, fundraised for a desk top computer for the clinic.This gesture of kindness and understanding will remain with me always. It has been a long journey to come to this time of sharing information through the internet and therapy with iPad apps. Bravo!

In closing, thanks to my dog Nibbler who keeps me walking, the children who keep me talking, my friends and family who keep me loving.