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Recommended information and resources available via the Internet

Extra Language Resources

Shine Foundation Andrew Dean Fildes Childhood Language and Learning

Caroline Bowen Speech Pathology resources and Information website

Children's Speech Sound Disorders

Linguist Learning: Spelling For Life by Lyn Stone

Hanen Centre: Early warning signs for communication difficulties

Articulation screener PDF

Speech Therapy worksheets / Heather’s speech therapy worksheets

Speech Sound Development Chart

What are phonological processes?

Free language resources website

Teaching the Brain to Read

Raising Children Network

Cued Articulation

Fragile X Chromosome Syndrome Audio-link

Evidence based practice in Speech Pathology

Speech Bite

Speech Pathology Australia EBP

What works: The Communication Trust UK

What Works: Interventions for children and young people with speech and language and communication needs

The National Professional Development Centre on Autism Spectrum Disorders: A multi university centre (USA) to promote the use of evidence based practice for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders

iPad Application information

The Learning App Guide

Applications for speech language pathology practice

iPad Blog site

How to use guided access on your iPad

Where to buy the Retro Stylus

Sue Larkey - Tips for use of iPad

Speech Pathology Australia

What is a Speech Pathologist?

Speech Pathology Australia: Fact Sheets

Scope of practice in Speech Pathology

Funding information

Lodge a Medicare Claim online Speech Pathology Item Number 10970
Express Plus for Medicare Mobile App

Speech Pathology Australia Carer Payment Information

Speech Pathology Australia Helping children with Autism

Speech Pathology Australia Chronic and Complex Care

Students with Disabilities Handbook 2013 Independent Schools Victoria

Program for Students with Disabilities Guidelines 2013 DEECD

Associated Paediatric Services

Dr Kim Drever Developmental Paediatrician

Auditory Processing Evaluation Dr John Bench

Paediatric Physiotherapy Julia Crosswell Just4Kids Physiotherapy

Educational Psychology: Christine Grant and Lisa Archer

Occupational Therapy: Brett Waddell at Early Steps and Fiona Berry at The Therapy Place and Alicia Frost

Yarra Valley Early Childhood Intervention Services

Eastern Health Multi-disciplinary Assessment Clinic

Kinderlink: Kindergarten contact for Healesville

EACH Early Intervention Program

Mytime Playgroup Healesville

Yarra Valley Community Health Speech Pathology

Mount Evelyn SDS Early Years Program

Maternal and Child Health Service Healesville

Irabina Early Intervention Services

Inspiro Community Health Service Lilydale

La Trobe University Fluency Clinic

Audiology Assessment

Knox Audiology Services

Taralye Audiology Clinic

Nutritional and dietary support for special needs children

Nourishing Hope Nutritional information for children

Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld

Autism Assessment

La Trobe University Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre


Resources for families

M-CHAT online assessment

Aquilla and Griffin Presentation Notes

Lidcombe Program Manual

Dual Route Theory: Max Coltheart’s Reading Model

Helping Children with Autism Package Medicare Item Number 82020

Helping Children with Autism Package Medicare Item Number 82005


Service Delivery Record Form HCWA

Rural Primary Health Services Program Speech Pathology Referral Form

Healesville Speech Pathology Parent Consent and Permission Form

Healesville Speech Pathology Case History Form